What's new in think-cell 6


The following list describes all important enhancements of think-cell 6. Please refer to the product documentation for further details on the new features.




think-cell 6 is the first version of our presentation suite that not only includes the industry-leading charting capabilities of think-cell chart and the Excel data rounding functions of think-cell round, but also the first component of our slide layout add-in think-cell layout: the agenda. The agenda takes the pain out of managing chapters of your presentation. Simply create the chapter slides and leave the rest to think-cell: The table of contents and all chapter titles are automatically kept in sync as you add, edit, remove or rearrange chapters. This even works when pasting a range of slides containing chapter slides into an existing presentation with other chapter slides.


Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Office 2013


think-cell 6 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 2013. As always, our installer supports all current and full-featured versions of Microsoft Windows and Office, including 32- and 64-bit versions. For information about the compatibility with the Microsoft Office 365 license plans and Microsoft Windows RT please refer to our knowledge base.


New and improved features


think-cell 6 optionally supports the additional theme colors introduced with Microsoft Office 2007. If you are not sharing your presentation files with users of Microsoft Office 2003 or earlier, you can now use up to 12 theme colors in your think-cell charts and basic elements compared to only 8 scheme colors in Office 2003. You can enable this option in your PowerPoint templates via a think-cell style file.


The format of simple year labels – e.g., "14" instead of "2014" – can be set with the think-cell number format control even if no Excel date formats are set in the data sheet for the respective data cell. Of course, you can continue to use Excel date formats in the data sheet for full-featured date labels.


User interface


think-cell's user interface and manual adhere to the language set by the installed version of Microsoft PowerPoint. After English and German we have added support for French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Pressing Ctrl+A when a feature is selected applies the selection to all items in the feature group as an alternative to multi-selection by mouse. For example, select a total label with the mouse, press Ctrl+A and all total labels of a chart will be selected.


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